Serving those who served.

Health Solution Design and Health Program Development.

About Weber Health

The Weber Health team has over 100 years of collective experience in delivering healthcare services to applicants, members and Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Provider Networks

Building and maintaining high-quality, well-trained, compliant, and efficient provider networks.

Logistical Support

Enrolling, credentialing, coordinating, and providing logistical program support.

Quality Technology

Leveraging technology to give Veterans and communities the highest quality care.

Contact Center

Providing secure contact center services to meet your initiatives.

Health Solution Design & Program Management

As the healthcare marketplace continues to evolve, new ideas and processes are required to keep you and those you serve at the forefront of your initiatives.

Solution Design

  • Weber Health has the capability of providing solution design for PACT Act and VA services to support your initiatives.
  • Past Performance: Weber Health developed an interactive screening website to complement on-location and call center testing.


  • Weber Health has the experience of medical credentialing providers to meet all levels of licensure.
  • Past Performance: Weber Health validates and credentials varying levels of professions for our clinic and for our COVID Contract.

Contact Center

  • Weber Health can provide a multi-modality contact center to help with initiatives such as toxic screening for the PACT Act or integration of your existing programs.
  • Past Performance: Weber Health implemented in 10 days a contact center handling 1 million encounters through the State of Wisconsin COVID screening contract.

Event Services

  • Weber Health will support on-location services that meet your various needs, such as vaccines, biometrics, and military events.
  • Past Performance: Weber Health provides on-location biometric/wellness services as well as State of Wisconsin COVID testing contract that included 18 different locations running simultaneously.

From Homeless Vet to Business Executive

Watch Don share his story about starting out as a Vietnam Marine to homeless vet to successful business executive.

Watch Don Weber's Story

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