Wisconsin Health Connect

In early 2020 our world changed as the COVID-19 virus began to spread into our lives and a 2-year pandemic ensued. At the crux of this was the unknown of the COVID-19 virus, it’s spread and implications to millions of Wisconsin residents. Weber Health Logistics began its journey into the lives of Wisconsin residents and at the forefront of protecting, educating and comforting all against this deadly virus.

A health screening and call center unlike any other.

At the center of WHL’s process was an integrated health screening and call center, working hand in hand unlike any other system. Since COVID-19 was relatively unknown compared to today, our work began with gathering experts in virology, infectious disease, public health and triage to best provide support. Utilizing this ever changing information, and guidance from Wisconsin Department of Health Services (WIDHS), state-wide county health departments, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), WHL leveraged this technology to implement a state wide health screening to direct patients into levels of potential COVID-19 serverity. This level of severity was then directed to a 24/7/365 call center of over 20 expertly trained nurses to give guidance on the virus.