Health Screenings


The Importance of Yearly Health Screenings

Onsite biometric screening events are offered several times throughout the year. These include measurements of height, weight, BMI calculation, fasting blood cholesterol, lipids and blood glucose levels. Bone density, audiology and skin cancer screenings are also available.

Benefits of Biometric Screenings

Realtime Health Education

Our Certified Health Educators review health data in real time to provide patients with information based directly on their results.

Quality Control System

All of our processes and procedures have been developed, implemetned and reviewed under the strictest adhereance to all medical systems.

Reliable Testing and Resulting

Weber Health holds both our CLIA and NPI certifcations. This means our staff is highly trained to test human specimens for health assessment or to diagnose, prevent, or treat disease.

HIPPA Compliance and Security

As a HIPAA compliant and certified organization you'll rest easy knowing all information is delivered and stored under the highest security.
Additional Suggested Services
Antigen/viral and PCR testing are available to the community and business events.
We are approved to store vaccines and administer in our certified safe and efficient clinic setting.
Onsite biometric screening events are offered to increase awareness and general information of health concerns.

Are you Ready for Your Company Health Screening Event?